Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn East India Pale Ale 12 pack 12oz Can


SKU 30176

12 x 12oz Can

Brooklyn East India Pale Ale, originally a summer seasonal, has been getting raves since becoming a year round offering in 1996. Garrett Oliver, a student of English brewing and beer history, uses English malts and hops to brew his EIPA in the classic, heavily-hopped style of the 19th century beers created for British soldiers serving in India. Because of the long trip around the Cape of Good Hope, the beer was preserved with a higher alcohol content and extra hops, a natural preservative. "East India Pale Ale *** is extremely dry, with the aroma of a hop-pocket and flavours reminiscent of lemon-grass," wrote Jackson in the Pocket Guide.
Category India Pale Ale
Country United States
Region New York
Brand Brooklyn Brewery
Alcohol/vol 7%